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Romance, Literary Fiction, Poetry

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I am Nitika Sharma .

If you read between the lines
you know it all
my poetry serves little pieces of mine

I was born and brought up in the foothills of Himalayas .Shimla a small city in India where my roots are born and here my soul belong.
An automation coder in an IT firm with a poetic mind is something i do for living. Undying love for travelling, italian, acoustics, coffee and optimistic souls is something that defines me .I write micros,musings,poetry,fictions and blogs.
Apart from this
I am an author of "Escaping Vapour of Void","A Swing in Heaven"
and co author of five Anthologies .I had been also part of some writing projects worldwide.My Poetry Pieces had been read live by many promising poets and poetic community across the globe.
My Instagram blog is @unutteredemotions where i bleed out my inmost emotions .

I was fascinated with books from the age of ten .I started writing in the phase of darkness when i was 21
I discovered writing as a drain to my emotions .From darkness till sunshine ,from dusk to dawn my poetry bleeded out my thoughts , emotions all out on paper .
I always say “ Writer writes to survive & Reader reads to revive” That’s exactly what writing means to me .It is a breath needed for my soul's survival.

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